Real Love Complaints Presents Fifteen Ways to Make a Man Chase You


Men are programmed to go after women and women are programmed to receive men. So just how are you supposed to make a man chase you? Real Love Complaints offer these top fifteen tips guaranteed to work.

1. Be the Hunted

You need to encourage the man to chase you. Be proceptive about it. Suggest to him that if he were to ask you for it, you would give him your phone number. This makes him ask for your phone number if he wants it. If you just give him your phone number then you’re being aggressive about it.

You’re being the hunter. Hunters don’t chase after other hunters. Be the prey but be suggestive about it. That way you also get to retain your femininity when you are together.

2. Always be Appreciative

A man giving you his time and attention through things like dates, opening a door for you and paying for the meal is how he gives to you and shows affection. Real Love Melbourne knows you need to appreciate these efforts to motivate him to do more.

3. Thank Him in Person

If you want to thank the man for the date then do it in person. Don’t wait to do it through a text. Instead do it in person when the date is over.

4. Be Who You Really Are

Who you are is the first thing that attracts a man to you. It is your femininity that inspires him.  Playing games or messing him around should never be something you do. It’s not authentic and Real Love Complaints understand what a turn off it is.

5. Be Confident!

Confidence is the second thing about a woman that attracts a man. How much you believe in yourself is very alluring and attractive.

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6. Show Yourself to Him in Layers

It’s all too easy to overwhelm someone by giving them too much information. Real Love Complaints knows that while there is a time and a place for those really intimate details about your life, it sure isn’t the first few dates.

7. Be Genuine About Your Feelings

Always show your appreciation and happiness properly. Real Love Complaints know this genuinenes makes a man want to be with you more.

8. But Retain Some Mysteriousness

A guy doesn’t need to know absolutely everything about you. There’s no need for him to know everything you did and whom you did it with.

9. Don’t Forget to Have a Life

You had a life before you met the guy, so why stop now? If you give up on what you did before then you’re telling him that he is your life now. Which is a lot of responsibility to hand someone you barely know.

10. Be Flirty

Real Love Complaints recommend you lock eyes with him, hold it for five seconds, and giving him your best smile will bring him right on over.

11. Let Him Come to You

The more you give to a man the less he gives you and the less he wants to chase you. Let him call you first and respond to his texts. Be available when he asks you out for a date too. But don’t

initiate. That’s the job of the hunter. When you are the first to send a flirty text you’re taking away the incentive he has to chase you. When you are gracious about getting gifts from a man you give to him. You also give to him the space that he needs to chase you.

12. Don’t Respond Immediately

It’s just too predictable to answer a call or text right away. Give him a few minutes to wonder what you were doing and be more unpredictable.

13. Don’t Worry if he Doesn’t ask You Out Immediately

Real Love Complaints recommend tempering the length a phone call takes. The more a man talks the more interested he is. Give him a good fifteen minutes to ask you out before giving up on it.

14. Don’t Overdo Your Texts

When you reply with more words than they do you take away the mystery that makes a man want to pursue you.

15. Just do Nothing!

Doing nothing is the hardest step to take for successful women. Success in the workplace is dependent on primarily male traits like directing and taking charge. So it can be difficult for successful women to switch back to being more feminine.

Real Love Complaints know it sounds strange to consider using such an old fashioned dating technique like this but it really works. Men are driven by results in work and love.  They have to feelthat they have earned what they get, including their women.So take a step back and enjoy his pursuit of you. Have faith that the relationship will progress as it is supposed to and let things happen as they should.


Real Love Complaints – Confidence is Key

Confidence is Key

The following article may not apply to all readers.  You may have not had any real love complaints.  If you always feel good about yourself then it won’t apply to you.  If you never have trouble getting a date when you want one then it won’t apply to you.  If love interests line up around the block and burn up the phone lines just to talk to you then it won’t apply to you.  If you’ve never been alone then it won’t apply to you.  If you are unfamiliar with the experience of sitting alone watching that perfect person across the room just wishing that you had the nerve to walk over and talk to them then it won’t apply to you.

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However, if you are looking for real love love but are crippled by worries, self-doubt, fear of rejection, or any other complaints, don’t let these emotional roadblocks keep you from pursuing happiness (that is to say – if you are normal) then read on.  This one if for the underdog and self-imposed exile.  It is especially relevant because the insecure and anxious would-be lovers of the world far outnumber the dashing Romeos and runway models.

Real Love Complaints asks, “What is the one thing that, more than anything else, determines whether or not you walk across that room to introduce yourself to that perfect person?  What is the one thing that, more than anything else, determines whether that person responds favorably or is dismissive? ” As you may already know (or have at least guess from the title) the key ingredient is confidence.

Without confidence in yourself you could never work up the nerve to go talk to that special someone.  Don’t let confidence allow you to have real love complaints  If you don’t feel good about yourself then it isn’t very likely that you expect other people to think highly of you either.  On the contrary, you will expect them to take as dim of an opinion of you as you have of yourself.

In fact, even if you did manage to find the strength to overcome your initial inertia, if you lack confidence it is likely that the person really will take a dim view of you.  That isn’t any reflection on your worth as an individual.  Real Love Complaints says that it is just a statement of fact.  When you have low self-esteem or doubt yourself it comes across in your body language, mannerisms and speech.  The very way that you carry yourself screams, “I think I’m a loser.”

When someone new meets you, all they have to go on in forming an opinion of you is what you present.  Don’t let them have any excuses or complaints  If you approach someone without confidence, you might as well walk up to them and say, “Hi, I am someone who has nothing to offer you.”  Obviously, that tactic won’t find much success, Real Love Complaints says.

This is why confidence is so important.  Unfortunately, this area is where people most often mess up.  The go about things backwards.  They try to get their sense of self-worth from their relationships, when they need that sense of confidence before pursuing a relationship.  Thus, so many end up settling for less than they deserve and have many complaints (and seldom finding any real sense of self-worth from those unsatisfying relationships).

The key to a good, fulfilling relationship is to develop confidence first.  If you lack confidence, work on yourself before seeking out a relationship.  Once you feel good about you and are confident in yourself you will find that a whole new world of relationship potential is open to you.

Real Love – Online Meetups Complaints

Online Meet Ups: Romance or Disaster?

For a very long time, people poked fun at couples who met online. For a while, it seemed like that was something funny- but more and more people are finding that meeting someone online is a great way to hook up- not just because it is easier, but because it also takes the pressure off, keeps things a bit more honest, and in fact, can be a great way to screen potential dates and even mates.

A bit more honest? This may strike some as funny, because we have all heard the jokes and real love complaints about people thinking they were meeting someone who looked a certain way, and then, come to find out someone was using a photo of themselves from ten years ago or something- but this does not happen often. Anymore, with web cams and other things, it is much harder for those types to sneak through and many places that host online dating have checks to ensure that this is something that does not happen.

The other thing is now, that people realize just how well you can communicate with people online and how much easier it can be to get to know someone- they simply just don’t act dishonestly in that way. More and more people are looking to online formats, checking out various social networking sites, blogs and photo hosting sites so that they can make the connections they are hoping to have. This makes for an easier way to get to know someone- no more awkward first dates where nobody knows what to say- no, now, you can get to know someone quite deeply before you even meet up, which makes for easier conversations. This is also one of the big benefits of meeting up with someone online- if you find that the two of you just simply have nothing in common, you find that out much faster than you would in person. After all, think about the blind date where you nervously got dressed and ready- not sure what to wear, not sure how to dress in any sense, then, you had to fumble for conversation only to find out that this just was not someone you were compatible with.

This is no longer a problem, Real Love Complaints says, with getting to know someone online, first. When communication is online based initially it is very easy to find out if someone has anything in common with you, or if they have nothing at all to talk about with you. Sometimes, you find that you meet someone online who in person- you may not have even considered talking to, and they turn out to be someone great and a good connection is made.

On the whole, online dating has evolved a great deal and become something totally different than it was in the beginning. This has become an incredibly useful way to make sure that your first date is absolutely the most fun it could be, and that many dates follow.

Dating After Break Ups – Real Love Complaints

For most people, getting back into the dating game after a break up can be hard  These are just one of many real love complaints.  It is something that is a very rough choice to make- and there is much temptation for the rebound. However, dating after a break up does not have to be that hard, nor does it have to bring on more pain. Here are a few tips for getting through the first few months post break up and having a good time in the healing process.

Don’t Do It If You Aren’t Ready

There will be many people who may tell you that you just need to get back out there. However, if you do not feel ready to date again- don’t. Go with what feels right to you. Many people need time to heal after a break up and you may just be one of them. Time spent alone can be spent thinking about your own wants and needs and beginning to feel better about yourself. There is nothing wrong with not being ready to get back in the game.

Nothing Serious

For a time, it may be a really good idea to steer clear of serious dating. Some real love complaints have been made regarding this issue. Most people need time to heal and get over the breakup before trying to dive into another relationship. This is a normal healing process and does not need to be rushed along by trying to bring someone else with their own issues into the mix. This is why many people opt to not date at all, but if you decide you want to get out there and have some fun there are many things to think about in that.

For other people, just having fun may be a good thing but there are some things to remember about dating for fun. You have to be upfront and honest about what you are doing to those you date. If you don’t feel ready for a new relationship and you probably won’t- don’t insinuate that you will. More than being honest with others, be honest with yourself about that. If you know that you are not ready and just want to have fun- there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but never, ever pretend that it is not the case. Be sure that you are doing things in a manner that is not indicating that you’re looking for someone to rescue, heal or bring you back out of your shell because often, there are people who will look at that like it’s a good start for a new relationship- it really isn’t.

Just because you have had a break up does not mean you are going to be alone forever. Some things don’t work out and that’s fairly normal as well. Do not allow a break up to keep you feeling down or like you were in a real love scam.  Don’t bring  yourself to the point you shut yourself off to future options in dating and in love and you will find that your own healing process goes faster.

Getting a Phone Number

We have all seen the movies, it seems so easy- that cute stranger you meet while grocery shopping walks up, you have a short exchange, and then, they are gone. Until you bump into them again. The thing is, though, that doesn’t usually happen in real life. Which of course are some real love complaints.  So, how do you get the number if you have met someone while out and about and you’re not sure how? Well, there’s only one sure fire way to do that- ask for it. There are however some right ways to go about it, and some wrong ways to go about it.

For instance, let’s continue on with the grocery shopping example. Now this one is always a risk, because you never really know if that is a someone with a wife, husband and family at home. However, it can be a risk that is well worth taking, if you allow it to be. Another thing- if you look in the cart you can almost always figure out if this is someone who is only shopping for themselves. Take a look inside the cart for clues- but try not to stare. For men, children’s items and women’s items in the cart will usually be hint enough- but not always. For both genders, particularly in the case of children’s items, they could be single parents.

You really do not want to just walk up and ask them for their number. Again in older movies -particularly eighties movies for some reason, “Hey baby what’s your number” worked. Or when it didn’t, it had hysterical results. You really don’t want either of those things happening with real love complaints– the return of the eighties or someone using you for the hysterical results. So, what do you do? It’s always best to try to start the conversation based on something near by- perhaps if you’re in produce asking if they know how to tell if a melon is ripe or anything which may require more conversation. Here’s the thing, though- don’t ask for a number right away. Actually, it is more of a closer and that is something that some people just don’t understand. Ask for a date before that, but do so in a humble way and act moderately embarrassed at yourself. And always, always include something along the lines of, “if you’re not busy, ” or, “I’m sorry if I am way off base here.” Before you ask for the number. Set something up if you can, if you can’t, take it on the chin- grocery stores and the like are tricky places to try to make a connection but can be worth while.
real love complaints
That is perhaps the biggest piece of advice when seeking out numbers in common places- first of all, don’t do so with a sense of entitlement, secondly, be meek. Third? If you do get rejected, don’t take it personally, there are a number of reasons why someone would decline if approached this way. But again- the best way is to ask.

The Most Common Complaints About Online Dating For Women

Women have a number of problems when it comes to online dating. Real Love hear a lot of complaints. The following are the nine main complaints received.

1.  Men Have Too High Expectations

Men have high expectations. This is natural. They want someone that looks really good. What they don’t seem to realise is that this means that normal women have a harder time getting a good date.

Realistically the girls that these men are sending messages to are just out of their league. They receive a lot of messages and they have pretty high standards themselves. Real Love complaints understand that women believe men should set realistic standards when it comes to online dating.

2.  Men Try To Date Too Young

As well as attractive women getting the majority of messages, most of them go to women who are aged around 21. There just aren’t enough of these women to go around and they, too, have to set higher expectations. Unless there’s something exceptional about you they would prefer to date their own age.


Real Love complaints recommend that men also try and date their own age. A woman that is around the same age as you is going to have more in common with you. They’ll also have the same energy levels you do. Men seem to forget that even women can feel young at heart. There are women in their fifties who wouldn’t want to date someone older. The same applies to women in their 20s.

3.  Men Wait For Women To Make A Move

A big love complaint from women is that men will spend a long time looking at their profile, but then won’t message them. Men seem to expect women to send the first message. While they could, it’s also on men to occasionally make the first move. If you’re interested in a woman then send them a message and don’t wait for them to send you one.

4.  Men Send Generic Messages

Women really want you to send a message to them that is based on their profile. They spent a long time on it after all. Instead of just saying “Hello, how are you?” why not send a message about something specific on their profile? They’ll appreciate it more and you’ll make a great first impression as you show how interested you actually are.

5.  Men Use Bad Pictures

The pictures that people use are the biggest cause of Real Love complaints with online dating. Men tend to use pictures where they cover their face and hair with glasses and hats. Or they have pictures that are of their possessions or things they like, like cars or bikes which is just a real love scam. Then you have men that upload pictures of other people and leave you guessing who is who. If you want a woman to be honest with her pictures then the least a man can do is be honest with his.

6.  Men Use Bad Grammar

When you make a mistake with your spelling or grammar, especially if it’s deliberate (such as text speak) then you come across as disinterested. Worse than that, you come across as pretty stupid to boot. No girl is interested in people who can’t talk properly.

7.  Men Send Lazy Messages

As well as not being inquisitive enough men tend to be lazy with their messages. Women can tell when a man has a simple message that he copies and pastes and sends to a lot of women in the hopes one responds. The reason they don’t respond is because they can tell that’s what the message is. You need to send a unique and fun message to each girl.

8.  Men Try To Be Too Sexual Too Soon

How do you think a woman would respond if you met her in a café and asked her straight away to talk dirty to her? She’d likely slap you and walk away, and you’ll never hear from her again. The same thing applies when you talk to a girl online. The rules aren’t different. Don’t try and move too quickly. Women don’t like it when you try and force a sexual conversation on them.

9.  Men Respond Badly To Being Told No

One final Real Love complaint we hear is that men can respond pretty badly to being told no. Understand that sometimes things just don’t work out. You don’t click and the girl isn’t interested. When she says no you need to move on. There’s no need to resort to name calling or being rude and horrible to her. When you act like that you tell her that she was right to not deal with you.
There is hope though. These complaints, and the other ones associated with online dating, are entirely fixable. It just takes a little extra effort on your part. Good luck.

The Real Love Complaints Found Dating As A Widow

Real Love Complaints understand the pain that you go through when you lose somebody you love. The pain is one of the reasons it’s so difficult to move on and start dating again after that loss. The loss of a spouse is undoubtedly one of the most painful things for a heart to experience but it is entirely possible to move on and starting living, and loving, once again.

There are undoubtedly complications for widows and widowers entering the dating world again. It would be silly for Real Love, and indeed anyone, to pretend that moving on was easy. Moving on and loving again involves understanding the weaknesses and strengths you possess, as well as finding the courage to find love again. It’s a big risk and it takes bravery to make it.

Grieving – A Real Love Complaint

The grieving process involves feeling everything you can feel for another human being, all the love and loss, and learning to let it go. Grieving is by far the biggest problem that widows and widowers alike have when it comes to dating. They need to ask themselves how long after they lose their spouse do they wait before dating again.

Real Love Complaints have come to the understanding that men will typically miss the chance to move on properly by just playing the field and trying to date as many women as they can. They ruin their chances by not giving their heart ample time to recover. Women are almost the exact opposite; they tend to become lonely and isolated because they fear moving on, and the guilt that can often come with. Some women guilt themselves into never moving on.

Entering the world of dating can certainly be difficult after you suffer a loss. When you date after a loss, or if you find yourself dating someone who has recently lost, tread carefully around the subject and consider their feelings.

Should You Go Serious Or Casual?

The other most common complaint for widows who want to date again is knowing just what they want. Is it a casual relationship that you’re after? Or something more serious? Without understanding what you want out of a relationship you’re going to have difficulty. Women especially have trouble entering a new relationship as they associate dating with sex. They just don’t feel comfortable having sex with someone after losing a partner. There can be a lot of guilt involved.

Men, once again, have almost the exact opposite problem as women. They will often move far too quick for their date and they believe that the love of someone else is the only thing that can replace the love they’ve lost; the only thing that can make them whole.

It is the recommendation of Real Love, therefore, that people who have lost their loved ones always try something casual at first. It’s also recommended that you see a variety of people to find who fits you the best. Play the field as it were. When you believe that you’ve found that right person you can move forward with something more serious.

One of the main parts of starting over is just that; starting over. It presents you with the chance to take a good look at your life and decide what you want now. It’s likely to be different from what you wanted out of life before. When you know what you want you can start dating with confidence and make it fun again.