Real Love Complaints Presents Fifteen Ways to Make a Man Chase You


Men are programmed to go after women and women are programmed to receive men. So just how are you supposed to make a man chase you? Real Love Complaints offer these top fifteen tips guaranteed to work.

1. Be the Hunted

You need to encourage the man to chase you. Be proceptive about it. Suggest to him that if he were to ask you for it, you would give him your phone number. This makes him ask for your phone number if he wants it. If you just give him your phone number then you’re being aggressive about it.

You’re being the hunter. Hunters don’t chase after other hunters. Be the prey but be suggestive about it. That way you also get to retain your femininity when you are together.

2. Always be Appreciative

A man giving you his time and attention through things like dates, opening a door for you and paying for the meal is how he gives to you and shows affection. Real Love Melbourne knows you need to appreciate these efforts to motivate him to do more.

3. Thank Him in Person

If you want to thank the man for the date then do it in person. Don’t wait to do it through a text. Instead do it in person when the date is over.

4. Be Who You Really Are

Who you are is the first thing that attracts a man to you. It is your femininity that inspires him.  Playing games or messing him around should never be something you do. It’s not authentic and Real Love Complaints understand what a turn off it is.

5. Be Confident!

Confidence is the second thing about a woman that attracts a man. How much you believe in yourself is very alluring and attractive.

real love complaints

6. Show Yourself to Him in Layers

It’s all too easy to overwhelm someone by giving them too much information. Real Love Complaints knows that while there is a time and a place for those really intimate details about your life, it sure isn’t the first few dates.

7. Be Genuine About Your Feelings

Always show your appreciation and happiness properly. Real Love Complaints know this genuinenes makes a man want to be with you more.

8. But Retain Some Mysteriousness

A guy doesn’t need to know absolutely everything about you. There’s no need for him to know everything you did and whom you did it with.

9. Don’t Forget to Have a Life

You had a life before you met the guy, so why stop now? If you give up on what you did before then you’re telling him that he is your life now. Which is a lot of responsibility to hand someone you barely know.

10. Be Flirty

Real Love Complaints recommend you lock eyes with him, hold it for five seconds, and giving him your best smile will bring him right on over.

11. Let Him Come to You

The more you give to a man the less he gives you and the less he wants to chase you. Let him call you first and respond to his texts. Be available when he asks you out for a date too. But don’t

initiate. That’s the job of the hunter. When you are the first to send a flirty text you’re taking away the incentive he has to chase you. When you are gracious about getting gifts from a man you give to him. You also give to him the space that he needs to chase you.

12. Don’t Respond Immediately

It’s just too predictable to answer a call or text right away. Give him a few minutes to wonder what you were doing and be more unpredictable.

13. Don’t Worry if he Doesn’t ask You Out Immediately

Real Love Complaints recommend tempering the length a phone call takes. The more a man talks the more interested he is. Give him a good fifteen minutes to ask you out before giving up on it.

14. Don’t Overdo Your Texts

When you reply with more words than they do you take away the mystery that makes a man want to pursue you.

15. Just do Nothing!

Doing nothing is the hardest step to take for successful women. Success in the workplace is dependent on primarily male traits like directing and taking charge. So it can be difficult for successful women to switch back to being more feminine.

Real Love Complaints know it sounds strange to consider using such an old fashioned dating technique like this but it really works. Men are driven by results in work and love.  They have to feelthat they have earned what they get, including their women.So take a step back and enjoy his pursuit of you. Have faith that the relationship will progress as it is supposed to and let things happen as they should.


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