Dating After Break Ups – Real Love Complaints

For most people, getting back into the dating game after a break up can be hard  These are just one of many real love complaints.  It is something that is a very rough choice to make- and there is much temptation for the rebound. However, dating after a break up does not have to be that hard, nor does it have to bring on more pain. Here are a few tips for getting through the first few months post break up and having a good time in the healing process.

Don’t Do It If You Aren’t Ready

There will be many people who may tell you that you just need to get back out there. However, if you do not feel ready to date again- don’t. Go with what feels right to you. Many people need time to heal after a break up and you may just be one of them. Time spent alone can be spent thinking about your own wants and needs and beginning to feel better about yourself. There is nothing wrong with not being ready to get back in the game.

Nothing Serious

For a time, it may be a really good idea to steer clear of serious dating. Some real love complaints have been made regarding this issue. Most people need time to heal and get over the breakup before trying to dive into another relationship. This is a normal healing process and does not need to be rushed along by trying to bring someone else with their own issues into the mix. This is why many people opt to not date at all, but if you decide you want to get out there and have some fun there are many things to think about in that.

For other people, just having fun may be a good thing but there are some things to remember about dating for fun. You have to be upfront and honest about what you are doing to those you date. If you don’t feel ready for a new relationship and you probably won’t- don’t insinuate that you will. More than being honest with others, be honest with yourself about that. If you know that you are not ready and just want to have fun- there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but never, ever pretend that it is not the case. Be sure that you are doing things in a manner that is not indicating that you’re looking for someone to rescue, heal or bring you back out of your shell because often, there are people who will look at that like it’s a good start for a new relationship- it really isn’t.

Just because you have had a break up does not mean you are going to be alone forever. Some things don’t work out and that’s fairly normal as well. Do not allow a break up to keep you feeling down or like you were in a real love scam.  Don’t bring  yourself to the point you shut yourself off to future options in dating and in love and you will find that your own healing process goes faster.


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