Getting a Phone Number

We have all seen the movies, it seems so easy- that cute stranger you meet while grocery shopping walks up, you have a short exchange, and then, they are gone. Until you bump into them again. The thing is, though, that doesn’t usually happen in real life. Which of course are some real love complaints.  So, how do you get the number if you have met someone while out and about and you’re not sure how? Well, there’s only one sure fire way to do that- ask for it. There are however some right ways to go about it, and some wrong ways to go about it.

For instance, let’s continue on with the grocery shopping example. Now this one is always a risk, because you never really know if that is a someone with a wife, husband and family at home. However, it can be a risk that is well worth taking, if you allow it to be. Another thing- if you look in the cart you can almost always figure out if this is someone who is only shopping for themselves. Take a look inside the cart for clues- but try not to stare. For men, children’s items and women’s items in the cart will usually be hint enough- but not always. For both genders, particularly in the case of children’s items, they could be single parents.

You really do not want to just walk up and ask them for their number. Again in older movies -particularly eighties movies for some reason, “Hey baby what’s your number” worked. Or when it didn’t, it had hysterical results. You really don’t want either of those things happening with real love complaints– the return of the eighties or someone using you for the hysterical results. So, what do you do? It’s always best to try to start the conversation based on something near by- perhaps if you’re in produce asking if they know how to tell if a melon is ripe or anything which may require more conversation. Here’s the thing, though- don’t ask for a number right away. Actually, it is more of a closer and that is something that some people just don’t understand. Ask for a date before that, but do so in a humble way and act moderately embarrassed at yourself. And always, always include something along the lines of, “if you’re not busy, ” or, “I’m sorry if I am way off base here.” Before you ask for the number. Set something up if you can, if you can’t, take it on the chin- grocery stores and the like are tricky places to try to make a connection but can be worth while.
real love complaints
That is perhaps the biggest piece of advice when seeking out numbers in common places- first of all, don’t do so with a sense of entitlement, secondly, be meek. Third? If you do get rejected, don’t take it personally, there are a number of reasons why someone would decline if approached this way. But again- the best way is to ask.


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