The Most Common Complaints About Online Dating For Women

Women have a number of problems when it comes to online dating. Real Love hear a lot of complaints. The following are the nine main complaints received.

1.  Men Have Too High Expectations

Men have high expectations. This is natural. They want someone that looks really good. What they don’t seem to realise is that this means that normal women have a harder time getting a good date.

Realistically the girls that these men are sending messages to are just out of their league. They receive a lot of messages and they have pretty high standards themselves. Real Love complaints understand that women believe men should set realistic standards when it comes to online dating.

2.  Men Try To Date Too Young

As well as attractive women getting the majority of messages, most of them go to women who are aged around 21. There just aren’t enough of these women to go around and they, too, have to set higher expectations. Unless there’s something exceptional about you they would prefer to date their own age.


Real Love complaints recommend that men also try and date their own age. A woman that is around the same age as you is going to have more in common with you. They’ll also have the same energy levels you do. Men seem to forget that even women can feel young at heart. There are women in their fifties who wouldn’t want to date someone older. The same applies to women in their 20s.

3.  Men Wait For Women To Make A Move

A big love complaint from women is that men will spend a long time looking at their profile, but then won’t message them. Men seem to expect women to send the first message. While they could, it’s also on men to occasionally make the first move. If you’re interested in a woman then send them a message and don’t wait for them to send you one.

4.  Men Send Generic Messages

Women really want you to send a message to them that is based on their profile. They spent a long time on it after all. Instead of just saying “Hello, how are you?” why not send a message about something specific on their profile? They’ll appreciate it more and you’ll make a great first impression as you show how interested you actually are.

5.  Men Use Bad Pictures

The pictures that people use are the biggest cause of Real Love complaints with online dating. Men tend to use pictures where they cover their face and hair with glasses and hats. Or they have pictures that are of their possessions or things they like, like cars or bikes which is just a real love scam. Then you have men that upload pictures of other people and leave you guessing who is who. If you want a woman to be honest with her pictures then the least a man can do is be honest with his.

6.  Men Use Bad Grammar

When you make a mistake with your spelling or grammar, especially if it’s deliberate (such as text speak) then you come across as disinterested. Worse than that, you come across as pretty stupid to boot. No girl is interested in people who can’t talk properly.

7.  Men Send Lazy Messages

As well as not being inquisitive enough men tend to be lazy with their messages. Women can tell when a man has a simple message that he copies and pastes and sends to a lot of women in the hopes one responds. The reason they don’t respond is because they can tell that’s what the message is. You need to send a unique and fun message to each girl.

8.  Men Try To Be Too Sexual Too Soon

How do you think a woman would respond if you met her in a café and asked her straight away to talk dirty to her? She’d likely slap you and walk away, and you’ll never hear from her again. The same thing applies when you talk to a girl online. The rules aren’t different. Don’t try and move too quickly. Women don’t like it when you try and force a sexual conversation on them.

9.  Men Respond Badly To Being Told No

One final Real Love complaint we hear is that men can respond pretty badly to being told no. Understand that sometimes things just don’t work out. You don’t click and the girl isn’t interested. When she says no you need to move on. There’s no need to resort to name calling or being rude and horrible to her. When you act like that you tell her that she was right to not deal with you.
There is hope though. These complaints, and the other ones associated with online dating, are entirely fixable. It just takes a little extra effort on your part. Good luck.


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