The Real Love Complaints Found Dating As A Widow

Real Love Complaints understand the pain that you go through when you lose somebody you love. The pain is one of the reasons it’s so difficult to move on and start dating again after that loss. The loss of a spouse is undoubtedly one of the most painful things for a heart to experience but it is entirely possible to move on and starting living, and loving, once again.

There are undoubtedly complications for widows and widowers entering the dating world again. It would be silly for Real Love, and indeed anyone, to pretend that moving on was easy. Moving on and loving again involves understanding the weaknesses and strengths you possess, as well as finding the courage to find love again. It’s a big risk and it takes bravery to make it.

Grieving – A Real Love Complaint

The grieving process involves feeling everything you can feel for another human being, all the love and loss, and learning to let it go. Grieving is by far the biggest problem that widows and widowers alike have when it comes to dating. They need to ask themselves how long after they lose their spouse do they wait before dating again.

Real Love Complaints have come to the understanding that men will typically miss the chance to move on properly by just playing the field and trying to date as many women as they can. They ruin their chances by not giving their heart ample time to recover. Women are almost the exact opposite; they tend to become lonely and isolated because they fear moving on, and the guilt that can often come with. Some women guilt themselves into never moving on.

Entering the world of dating can certainly be difficult after you suffer a loss. When you date after a loss, or if you find yourself dating someone who has recently lost, tread carefully around the subject and consider their feelings.

Should You Go Serious Or Casual?

The other most common complaint for widows who want to date again is knowing just what they want. Is it a casual relationship that you’re after? Or something more serious? Without understanding what you want out of a relationship you’re going to have difficulty. Women especially have trouble entering a new relationship as they associate dating with sex. They just don’t feel comfortable having sex with someone after losing a partner. There can be a lot of guilt involved.

Men, once again, have almost the exact opposite problem as women. They will often move far too quick for their date and they believe that the love of someone else is the only thing that can replace the love they’ve lost; the only thing that can make them whole.

It is the recommendation of Real Love, therefore, that people who have lost their loved ones always try something casual at first. It’s also recommended that you see a variety of people to find who fits you the best. Play the field as it were. When you believe that you’ve found that right person you can move forward with something more serious.

One of the main parts of starting over is just that; starting over. It presents you with the chance to take a good look at your life and decide what you want now. It’s likely to be different from what you wanted out of life before. When you know what you want you can start dating with confidence and make it fun again.


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